Saturday, 28 December 2013

A kind of Christmas present for Aurela

Aurela mit Teddy auf den Schultern
Aurela  with a teddy
on her shoulders
Not really. Or is it? This time little Aurela will receive Cytarabin, one of the drugs which is used for her monthly maintenance therapy which she will get on January 6th the next time. This gives the two year old suffering from leukaemia time to survive. Time that is used by some people far away from her village of Uglar in Kosovo to enable her to have a life saving stem cell transplantation. 
Schachtel ARA-Cell (Cytarabin)The girl who is usually very cheerful does not know what destructive force, the blood cancer, is working in her little body. She does not know yet why she goes to hospital every four weeks where the staff desperately tries to find a place on her picked all over arms to set an entrance for the infusions necessary for her therapy. 
She runs around and dances again when she has recovered after a few days. However - how long will this last? How long do we have to collect donations and organise a stem cell transplantation for her? The clock is ticking. But the organisation is running. In the background without Aurela knowing about it. A lot happens! 
Of course we still need donations (for more information and donations look here: WLV e.V Aurela )! We have not reached our goal yet. But for now more medication goes on its way to Kosovo which will happen after the Christmas holidays. For Aurela to gain time. Time to live. Hopefully soon for good.  .

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