Tuesday, 10 December 2013

FAQ: Donations and what they are for

1.: What is the money used for?

The donations are for a stem cell transplantation for Aurela Haliti to save her life this way. The treatment cost which have to be paid in cash are up to 250 000 Euro depending on the country the operation will happen in. 
The journey to Kosovo and everything that was connected with it and the (very expensive) medication for her actual therapy is NOT paid with this money. Ulf Hundeiker does NOT have a holiday there and he can NOT touch this money. He pays and paid for the journey and the medication out of his own pockets. Not that he can really afford this. Sometimes though friends help. 
Blutprobe von Aurela für die Stammzellenspendersuche
blood sample for the search for
stem cell donor for Aurela
Even the search for the "genetic twin" the possible donor of stem cells is not paid from this money. The HLA-tissue typing for Aurela is taken care of by the Stefan-Morsch-Stiftung.

2.: Doesn't the health insurance pay for all this?

There is no health insurance in Kosovo. Everything has to be paid in cash. A few insights into the situation of Kosovo: 

3.:What happens if the money can not be used for Aurela or there is more money?

The money will go with 2/3 to the Stefan-Morsch-Stiftung and 1/3 to the DKMS if there will be more donations or, but we hope this won't happen, Aurela has no chance of survival. 

4.: Is all this respectable?

Filmklappe für das Aurela-Video
clapper board for Aurela video
To doubt the respectability is very in vogue. WorldLifeVision e.V. (link is in German) is a non-profit organisation and the donations are tax deductible (in Germany I am not sure how this works elsewhere) and how the money is used has to be accounted for. This means it is so to say officially respectable.  
Donations ONLY go to this account
World Life Vision e. V. (Gemeinnützig)
Note to payee/ project number : WLV2012-1002
Account: 4740084
Bank code: 83065410
Deutsche Skatbank

For payments from other countries than Germany please use

IBAN DE68 83065410 0004740084

or to the Paypal-buttons on OUR pages.
If anyone gives you any account other than these it is very likely that he or she wants the money for themselves and it won't help Aurela. Which means: FRAUD! 
If you are still in doubt please contact the Stefan-Morsch-Stiftung and ask Mrs Morsch about Ulf Hundeiker. 

5.: Could you not save more children with less serious illnesses with this money?

Reisepass mit Stempeln des Kosovo
passport with stamps from Kosovo
A lot is possible. But if you ask those, who ask this question, what they are actually doing for all those many children they usually have nothing to say. 
Question: Can you measure a life on the amount of money it needs to be saved? The more expensive the less right to be treated? This kind of measurement is not only wrong but also deeply unethical. Of course you are free to give money to someone or something else if you think like that. But we think this question is just plainly wrong.

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