Sunday, 2 June 2013

Aurela: No VIP support....

This entry was first published on the World Life Vision blog in German:
"No VIP Support but: Please help Aurela!
It was announced that Anglina Jolie's aunt has lost her fight with cancer aged 61. 
We however need help, that a not even two year old unsung girl does NOT lose her fight. Because little Aurela Haliti from Uglar close to Gjilan in Kosovo has no famous or rich relatives who could pay for her treatment. 
She only has a family, who loves her above all and hopes against all odds, that the little girl will be healed. And friends from Germany, try to help to make this possible. 
Aurela und ihre Mutter Kosovare
Aurela und ihre Mutter Kosovare
But this only works if she can get a stem cell transplantation, which costs a fortune. You can not get it for free. There are no partners availlable at aid organisations or others willing to support them. We need people to help. People who can activate other people. 
Because Aurela's last name is Haliti. And not Jolie, Pitt, Minogue or Windsor. 
Aurela need US!"

Please also watch the video about Aurela and her family at the top right side of this blog. Please activate the subtitles to see the English translation. Thanks!

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