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FAQ: How can I help Aurela?

FAQ:How can I help Aurela?

Aurela and Kosovare Haliti
Aurela and hermother Kosovare Haliti
photo credit: Ulf Hundeiker

Suddenly the numbers of visitors of all Aurela pages jump sky high. Suddenly there are many inquiries, how you can help the project, to make a stem cell transplantation possible for Aurela, to save her from sure death due to leukemia. What can you do?
For example:

1.: Donate

The project needs up to 250.000 Euro. The newest amount is stated on the project page where you can also find account information and a PayPal-Button.
A donation does not have to be huge: Do without chocolate or a beer at the pub once or twice and give the money to Please help Aurela. There would be over 80 Million if every inhabitant of Germany would only give 1 euro!

Aurela Haliti
Little Aurela in Hospital
photo credit: Ulf Hundeiker

2.: spread the word on-line

Not everybody has a lot of money but everybody knows other people, whom he or she could tell about the project. You can talk about it in ones circle of friends, but also on blogs and social networks to make the project known: for example with the Facebookpage (in German). News about Aurela are shared via this (and via Twitter of course as well and may be by you too!)  
Aurela who suffers from leukemia in hospital in Prishtina
You can also write appropriate blog entries and share them via Facebook, Google+, Twitter ect. You can find a collection of informative blog entries on the “Projektinformationen“ (“project information/German). You can find a list of constantly updated articles on the net here: ständig aktualisierte Sammlung (“constantly updated collection” page in German but features both German and English posts on the private blog of initiator of the project, Ulf Hundeiker. Who bloggs about it maybe more than once should tell me about it that it can be incorporated.
Eg. you could write about:
How have I and how do I support Aurela?
Why do I do this?
Why do I think you should support the project?

3.: Share Offline
newspaper article in Westfaelische
Nachrichten ob March 24th 2013

Which means: publicity via newspapers and other media, start and cultivate contacts to individuals and organisations who could help. You can find tips how to write a press release here: “Projektinformationen“. (Added by translator: you can find a page in English about how to write a press release here: this is not related to the "Please help Aurela" project directly)

Article in Westfaelische Nachrichten Muenster (WN, Münster, 24. March 2013)
You need a local connection if you want to have an article published in local news papers. If Ulf Hundeiker from Muenster sends a press release to a news paper in Kassel nothing will happen. It works better if someone from Kassel sends one. It might happen that you will get invited by the editorial office. You need to be well informed! Have a look at Please help Aurela for information in English language. Ulf is happy to help. You can contact him via

It is always good to know whom you can contact but it is a lot better if you can come along with a contact that has already been made.
What else has happened: Artists have given their royalties, musician’s fees for the project or have done a kind of “Aurela-addition” on tickets for their concerts. They are not famous but anyhow!

4.:This does not make a lot of sense:

To say you would help but then not go on with it. This is really frustrating for the initiator of the project ~ you raise hopes but then get disappointed. It is ok if you do not have the time or the nerves to do it or just do not like to do it. But it saves time and energy if you think about this beforehand.

5.: It is better,

to think about your own motivation first or to see if you still have questions. It is important to know: No one has to take part. But the project should be able to rely on those who want to help. But everybody can decide for him or herself how and how much he or she wants to help.

6.: Stay active!

Of course information and tips are always welcome! But it is much better if you have already done something in this way. It helps so much to have the work shared. Mostly as a day only has 24 hours.

For example: fundraise for the project, write blog entries or send press releases.
For example: Help to find a hospital which is cheaper or might help for free in another country with your knowledge of countries and knowledge of their languages.
For example: organise collections or fund-raisers, publish books (really!) or whatever you might think of. You have to blow your own trumpet! Publicity is so important. As many people as possible need to know about this story, that they are able to donate or even help.

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