Saturday, 1 June 2013

We need you: Please help Aurela

This blog is about little Aurela Haliti who suffers from leukemia and needs a stem cell transplantation to survive.

Ulf Hundeiker from Muenster, Germany has founded the fundraising project "Please help Aurela" to raise between 80 000 and 250 000 Euro to allow her to have the operation done outside Kosovo where she lives with her family. There is no health insurance in Kosovo or a hospital which could do the operation.

She actually undergoes chemotherapy to save her life which he supports out of his own pockets. World Life Vision provides the fundraising account where so far 12 452,75 Euro (at 5. April 2013) have been raised. This amount will only be used for hospital and treatment cost, journey and accomodation for Aurela and her mother.

We need your help

~ to spread the word ( social networks, blogs, emails, talk to friends....) 
~ to raise more money (Donations at World Life Vision)
~ to find stem cell donors ( Stefan Morsch Stiftung)
~ to find a hospital which could do the operation

Ulf Hundeiker blogs about Aurela on the World Life Vision blog in German and I translate the posts on this blog.

You can find blog posts so far translated (and some just written in English) and blogged on different blogs here:

please enable subtitles to read English transciption
video credit: Ulf Hundeiker via YouTube

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