Thursday, 31 October 2013

Aurela: A new delivery of medication

(first posted 30th August 2013 on German blog)
Besides her monthly chemotherapy in hospital little Aurela also has to take cytostatic drugs daily against her acute myeoletic leukaemia which are in tablet form. Unfortunately some of those drugs can not be bought in Kosovo so they have to be purchased in Germany and then send to Kosovo. 
Packung Puri-Nethol (Mercaptopurin)
Puri-Nethol (Mercaptopurin)
This medication is expensive but this time Ulf Hundeiker has some help as he received a donation via post exactly for the purpose of sending medication to Aurela (Thanks very much!) and the tabletts were re-imported and therefore cheaper. With the help of friends they will be transported to Kosovo to the capital Prishtinë where they will be picked up. 
Seventy-one Euro for 25 tablets but as Aurela is still little she only gets a quarter so they last for three months. Then the same starts again. 
But those drugs are important as obviously Aurela has to survive until she can receive the stem cell transplantation for being healed for good. So far 16.600 Euro have been donated but we need much more. That is why the call for donations still is up-to-date. 

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