Sunday, 3 November 2013

Big and small donation

This entry was first posted on August 18th 2013 on the German Aurela Blog

Two weeks ago two big donations arrived: a young woman had collected 500 Euro in her circle of friends and family and another person was so touched that she or he gave 1000 Euro. There are also countless smaller donations for which we are very grateful as every penny counts. 
Since yesterday the amount of donations is 16 604,72 Euro. Not bad for a campaign with practically no recourses! But the truth still is: We need more. More donations and more people who motivate others to donate as well. Because a stem cell transplantation costs in Russia about 80.000, and in Germany about 250 000 Euro.
And Aurela wants to live! She wants to meet her little sibling which is on its way. And her family just wants a happy family life

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