Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Nothing is good, unless good is done

Erich Kästner was right with this sentence. Because so often, when  many quarrel about the right way to help or if it is right to help at all, nothing happens. Lots of talk and no action.
It is not difficult though. Because you can help little Aurela (and others of course as well) with donating money or your time and online presence to spread the message. 
Aurela who suffers from leukeamia in summer 2013
Aurela who suffers from leukeamia
in summer 2013

Aurela, who looks so cheerful in this picture, is just gone back to the children's hopsital in Prishtinë due to a lung infection. She was quite stabil in the last few months. But the only thing that could help her in the long run is a stem cell transplantation which is not possible in Kosovo and with 80.000 to 250.000 Euro somewhere else far too expensive. Especially as there is no health insurance in Kosovo which could pay for it.
The running costs for chemotherapy to keep her state as it is and all other therapeutic and diagnostic procedures, has to be paid by her already highly in debt (due to costs of illness of Aurela) family. The donated money, by now 17314,60 Euro, is only for the stem cell transplantation. A suitable donator is already searched for with a blood sample which was organised via a privately paid for journey to Kosovo. From a person who rather does than talks. 
What is still missing is money. And people who help to come by it. 

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