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Press release 18.11.2013: New medication for Aurela ~ Dosages increased

This entry was first published in German on the World Life Vision e.V. Blog by Ulf Hundeiker

"Ulf Hundeiker is just back from Düsseldorf where he posted medication for nearly 190 Euro to Prishtina.
Aurelas Medikamente (Mercaptopurin)
Aurelas medication (Mercaptopurin)
photo credit: Ulf Hundeiker
The little Balkan country is still on its knees even 14 years after the official end of the war in Kosovo and five years after Germany and the UK amongst others have recognised the country. No real welfare system exists nor is a health insurance available.  
“The latter is a big problem - in this case for Aurela!" says Ulf Hundeiker. Because the by now 2 year old girl from Kosovo suffers from leukaemia. And only a stem cell transplantation can heal the girl fully. "I fundraise since a while on the account of the non-profit organisation World Life Vision as the transplantation would cost up to 250.000 Euro and Aurela's parents are, like most people in Kosovo, not rich." as the 41 year- old from Muenster, Germany says. 
The Haliti family has to raise all funds for her therapy and is because of this already highly in debt. "Some of the drugs for the maintenance chemotherapy is not available in Kosovo. I buy those here mostly out of my own pockets." This time friends have helped him though, as the former nurse who can not work in his profession anymore for health reasons is not rich either. Particularly as the dosage for the just send Mercaptopurin just had to be doubled. Which means double costs: “187,34 Euro for the next three months. The donations are for the stem cell transplantation. I have paid for both journeys to Kosovo and what comes with it myself."
Aurela mit Teddy auf den Schultern
Aurela with a teddy on
her shoulders
photo credit: Ulf Hundeiker
By now there have been donations of more than 17.000 Euro - but the goal - to save Aurela's life, is still far away. All her younng parents Kosovare and Flamur Haliti's hopes lay on him.  
“I won't give up! Every life is worth to fight for it!" 

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