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The long way: A book by Kerstin Ludwig. To save Aurela's life

This entry was first posted in German on the World Life Vision e.V. Blog on July 28th 2013. The book is only available in German.

" This is the introduction to the book which Kerstin offers to download for free but asks for a donation for Aurela's stem cell transplantation. This is used instead of an article about the book:

"Life is fragile. People can have accidents, others might be out to get their life - and sometimes people just get ill.

Our medicine has come far. Many illnesses can be healed today. Cancer does not automatically mean a death sentence anymore thanks to therapy and medication.

But there are parts of the world where people just have enough to survive. Where there is no health insurance. Where "cancer" still is a death sentence because no one can afford the therapy or medication. There the line between death and life has to do with how much you can afford and not how easily the illness can be treated.

This is even harder if it hits a child that hardly had time to live.

Aurela is one of those children. Not even two years old her life is threatened to end before it even started. Aurela suffers from AML: Acute Myelogenous Leukaemia in children. This illness is easy to to treat but the costs are so exorbitantly high that her family just can not afford it. They live in Kosovo beneath the poverty line and do not have insurance that could pay for the costs. They are already highly in debt.  

You can find more information about Aurela here:

There might be many children out there like Aurela. And I surely can not save all of them. But I want to try to save this one. 

I do not have the money to give Aurela the chance to a life in health. But I have this book. I have written these stories with the help of the readers of my blog for a project for Christmas. The readers gave me keywords and I made stories out of them. This is a community project. Without those keywords, which are sometimes quite unusual, I could not have done this.

This lead to small or bigger stories which have a central theme and are a mirror of the readers of my blog as well as myself. In a way this book is a little like me: chaotic, creative, certainly not normal, but I do not want to be normal anyway.
The keywords are put in front of every story - which means it also became a little "spot the keyword" game: Did I really manage to make a story of every keyword? On top of that I used stories that have not been published on my blog. There are no keywords for those. They are just there and stand for themselves.

If you read this you probably have downloaded the book via one of the publishers and I thank you for the time you are taking to follow my thoughts. You have seen that this book is available for free.

The only thing I ask for is a donation for Aurela. I do not want any money I get along. But this child and many others do not.

I hope the money helps another World Life Vision project if it should not be possible to save this child. My "thank you" goes to Ulf Hundeiker, who gave me the idea for these stories with his aid project. 

Ulf you are the greatest. Even though you do not want to believe this.

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