Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Aurela is a brave patient

Little Aurela who suffers from leukaemia is not even three years old. She will be in July. But two years ago no one believed she would even get to that age. But luckily she responds (still) well to the maintenance therapy, and that is how she has won a little time to get her lifesaving stem cell transplantation.

But this operation is not possible in Kosovo as there is no health insurance. Until then, she gets maintenance therapy every four weeks for four days which still works well.

Aurela on her swing
Since she is six months old, she gets pricked by doctors and nurses for blood tests and the chemotherapy. But Aurela is a brave girl ~ recently when she was at the doctor for a blood test her mother had to go to the toilet and Aurela stayed with the doctor.

She gave her hand freely to the doctor! Which she told her mother directly and proudly:" Mummy I have done the blood test by myself!"

She does know it is easier this way. She won't get used to it though. She has to suffer a few days from the aftermath of the chemotherapy, but she is back to her old self pretty fast. She does love dancing and singing too much.

Hopefully for a long time to come. Because we still do not have the necessary 250 000 Euro together for her stem cell transplantation. And we will need some time for it. We still do need a lot of money and help!

You can find the original German blog post here: WLV ~ Aurela ist eine tapfere Patientin

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