Monday, 24 March 2014

One hundred and eighty six Euro and no Hoeness in the background

This post was originally posted in German on the World Life Vision blog on March 11th a week before my last translation last week. Sorry:
Aurela with  mum and nan
Aurela with mum and nan

"One hundred and eighty six  Euro and a few cent do the tablets cost that Ulf Hundeiker got from the pharmacy. Aurela does need Mercaptopurin again which is part of her maintenance therapy against her acute myelogenous leukaemia. Mostly he pays for it himself even though he does not have a lot himself but this time friends helped out. And those have not a lot either. Not that any of them could defraud millions in tax like former German footballer Uli Hoeness. 

That is a bit unpractical as the stem cell transplantation for Aurela, for which we fundraise, does cost up to 250 000 Euro. And until then expensive medication has to be sent to Kosovo. 

Aurela is now nearly three years old and grown enough to understand a lot of the whole thing. A while ago she asked her aunt: "Has Ulf send the tablets again?" Yes, he has. Even though a lot went topsy turvy this time and at first there was not enough delivered. Like this Aurela has won a little more time. But sometime the effect of the maintenance therapy will stop. Hopefully, Aurela will have new stem cells by then. 

You can help too with a donation to save her life. A little family in Kosovo would be eternally thankful!

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