Sunday, 16 March 2014

Nearly good news from Aurela

Hardly after the latest tablets were sent to Aurela in Kosovo who suffers from leukemia, pretty good news
Aurela on her swing
came back. The maintenance therapy which is meant to stop the return of the acute leukemia can be stopped. Which means her leukemia has stopped for now. Which means for Aurela: Not having to go to the hospital every four weeks for four days, not being stung by needles for injections and not feeling ill for a few days afterwards.

The results do not show any irregularities anymore. There are no degenerated blood cells anymore. Cancer is defeated for now.

Just for now though. Not for forever! Because a little rest still rests in the bone marrow of the nearly three year old girl from Kosovo. That is why hardly anything changes for us: She still needs a stem cell transplantation, which is the only chance to fully heal Aurela! Ulf Hundeiker who initiated the campaign "Please help Aurela" just does not have to send medication to Kosovo on a regular basis.

She will get another thorough examination. That will show how it will go on. If she needs therapy again. Or. Or. Or.

And it also means: A stem cell transplantation costs a fortune. Everybody can help with a donation!

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