Monday, 28 April 2014

In our own case: Attempts to defraud at the expense of the weak

This post has been posted on the German Aurela Blog in German on fourth April 2014:
" Again some very clever person tried to sign up for a dating agency with our donations account. 
Of course with another name and this time especially brash. He or she used the nickname of a blogger who helps since a long time with everything in her power to help Aurela. Unfortunately this was not the first attempt to defraud ~ but certainly the most bold. 
We do not have to discuss the moral status of such an action. 
To use the donation account of a charity which tries to save lives, to help and to do something good in this world, fro signing up at dating agencies, sex- and gamble portals and online shopping businesses is plainly disgusting. And all of us are in agreement of the character of people like that. 
Sad world in which something like this exists... 
But you should know something, you wanna-be fraudsters: 
  1. We SEE it. Always and instantly. And stop a direct debit like this directly. An attempt like this does not give you anything. 
  2. We give the information directly to the provider of the service (who has been defrauded as well) which means the account is closed down at once. Our account number will be noted there. The second time you try, they know as well. 
  3. If you try a second time we tell the police. Attempted fraud is a crime. 
So to all of you who have thought about it ~ DON't DO IT! It is annoying and does not help you at all. 
And think about what you are actually doing here.... 
Your  WorldLifeVision – Team!"

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