Monday, 1 December 2014

It's a long time since we heard from little Aurela who suffers from Leukaemia

You can find the original German post here: Lange nichts mehr von der leukaemiekranken kleinen Aurela gehoert

It was quiet around the project for quite some time. There was not a lot to report because we had to wait. The maintenance therapy against the acute myeloid leukemia of now nearly three and a half year-old Aurela from Uglar in Kosovo was stopped and so far her blood test results have been stable.

Exact tests about her actual condition are difficult and expensive - at least for the Haliti's, who have
Little Aurela in hospital
debts already due to Aurelas illness. There is still no health insurance in Kosovo neither is another social security which could help. A puncture of her bone marrow would give more meaningful information and enable a prognosis.

We do everything to make that possible because little Aurela is still not healed - in spite of good blood test results. And the donations are still not enough for a stem cell transplantation with which she could be saved. But we need much more money for that. However, the amount of donations is encouraging.

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