Tuesday, 23 December 2014

News from Aurela ~ 22.12.2014

This post was published first on the WLV blog in German on Mo 22/12/2014:

Unfortunately, she is not feeling well: she caught a cold last week that
Aurela is ill
developed into a light pneumonia. She developed a fever in the last few days and mostly slept and hardly ate. Her parents are worried because of her illness.

That is the reason she had to go to the hospital today and have a scan. She should have stayed there because she needs an infusion every day for the whole week. But there were no space for her that means that her parents have to go to the hospital every day with her which is 6 km away in Gjilan. It's torture for Aurela who is afraid of the needles and then cries a lot.

On top of that, her parents have to go to the hospital in Pristina (45 km away) on Friday to have her general condition of health tested. It can't be done in Gjilan as they are missing material which is necessary for the tests.

Unfortunately, that will be a little more expensive too ~ which is an enormous strain for the family beside their fear that her condition again could deteriorate drastically.

We have decided to create an emergency fund with our free means and what is possible privately to relieve her parents a little. It will be used for medication and treatment in the way it is possible in over there if necessary. We would be very glad if you liked to help! Please contact us via E-Mail.

You can find all the information here on the blog or on the homepage if you like to help Aurela to get healthy in full.

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