Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Winter in Kosovo is cold

This post was published first in German on 14th December 2014 here

In Kosovo, it can get pretty cold as with the continental climate the difference in temperature is much more extreme than in Germany. Ulf Hundeiker experienced this himself when he visited Aurela in March 2013.

However, the reserves of Aurela's family are used up ~ the girl though grows of course and develops splendidly as she responded well to the expensive chemotherapy against her leukemia. 

Her winter clothes from last year do not fit her anymore like with all children. We from WLF have collected used winter clothes as new clothes are unattainable for family Haliti. She must not die of cold as she is supposed to get a stem cell transplantation as soon as possible to get
a full recovery. In fact, thanks to many donators enough clothes came together, and they are all with Aurela now. Many thanks to all donators.  

For donations for a stem cell transplantation that is not possible in Kosovo look at the right side of this blog. 

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